by Duane Denny


Your baby is missing his farther


You mad the decision when failed to use you mind with your body


A life is here on this earth, One life,  One husband, One wife???


Oh sorry I mean, One boo, and one baby moma


What a place to start…  Parents who could care less


As long as you got your smokes, You’ll alright


Shit, it’s making noise again…  Betta go see what it wants…..


Feeling like a fart here all of a sudden and fading with the wind


With no more value the a school lunch ticket


And an occasional social media picture to shout I did it!!!


Made a baby!!! But what you don’t admit it…


Is the why??? for that lunch ticket or was it the unconditional Love


You missed...!


Dear: Dead Beat Dad…  I am here to take your place



                  The State ...