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As a Director, I believe we all serve a story and should do it without an ego. it's our job to guide a story from page to the Big Screen.

It's the actors’ job to be, it's my job to guide, and the crew’s job to make all the magic happen to share.


At the end of the day, we will all put it out there for people to see, to feel, to experience. 

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There is no better-shared experience than food unless food poisoning and if there's one bathroom then it's the worst.

Second to GOOD FOOD is laughter, shared laughter may be The Greatest Experience of my life. It can happen randomly, or spontaneously if you want to use a bigger WORD. From a stage with a mic with friends over dinner with hopefully good food.

This is why I love Stand-Up Comedy.

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Vanessa Verduga

Singer-songwriter, Actor, Screenwriter, and Producer at Justice Woman Productions LLC

  • An asset to Justice Woman Productions LLC. Diligent and hard-working on and off set.

Denis Marrese

We Pay Cash For Real Estate

  • Worked side by side with several Charity Events doing several different tasks promoter, webmaster, photographer, graphic designer, article writer, usher, tech support computers, and much more.

  • Excellent at any job we had him do. He's Very honest and hard-worker always on time never late. We could always count on him.”

Leather Boxing Gloves

Edward Krasnow

Director of TV/Radio at Massasoit Community College.

  • One of the most driven people I have met. He has consistently taken on challenging tasks and seen them through to execution. 

  • He is a tireless advocate for students in our media program, offering training, tutorials, and advice. on his own time, to students needing help with complicated software technology. He has a strong work ethic.

  • Has extensive experience in television production, audio production, theater production, event management, graphic and photo work, and multimedia content creation and post-production

Post Production in Process

Virginia Depina

Director of Marketing at Massasoit Community College

  • His creativity and positive attitude have helped with the Television and Radio Departments, media courses, and student activities. 

  • Duane has produced and organized more than ten TV programs and several live events for Massasoit. 

  • His abilities as an event producer even extended into the Brockton Community for the Bash for Cash boxing fundraiser. In addition to his service in creating programs and events at Massasoit.

  • Has taught community courses, a strong talent for media production. 

  • Experienced working in the field of photography and film development, motion picture production, digital video, and still image editing.

  • Great qualities as a teacher and leader. Duane has assisted with the radio production course for four years and tutored students in non-linear editing. One of the greatest highlights of Duane is that he took the time to work with a student with developmental disabilities and taught the student how to edit videos. 

  • Duane’s charisma and noble character are qualities that any organization can benefit from when working with him.

Robert Bowers

Professor: Radio Production/Speech at Massasoit Community College

  • I have known Duane Denny for years. He started out as a student in my Radio Production course and he developed an interest in radio that made him the perfect person to aide in teaching this class. 

  • Duane assisted in the Massasoit TV/radio studios. He planned and produced a wide myriad of broadcast programs. 

  • These efforts required the work of many students in order for the productions to succeed. 

  • Duane has a remarkable knack for team building and creating a positive atmosphere for students to learn and produce. 

  • In my class, Duane works with each student individually to reduce the fear of technology and to instill confidence

  • He is a gentle soul who unobtrusively guides each student until that student can operate on her or his own. 

  • Duane also has instructed my class in highly technical areas. He is always prepared and he uses available technology to simplify even the most complex applications and terminology. 

  • Duane has assisted me in my many fundraising shows and he is a marvelous worker and an inspiring leader. 

A man talking on the radio

Lauren Holtzman

Advertising Sales Manager Suburban Shopper

  • Worked with Duane on several small video projects promoting our small business customers. 

  • Easy to work with, was eager to learn more about the purpose of these videos and delivered accordingly. 

  • His talent as a video editor made him a valuable member of our team.

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Rui Lopes

CEO of Anawan Street Productions

  • His dedication to his personal and professional growth. 

  • Duane Co-founded Anawan Street Productions in late 2015. 

  • Prior to Duane began to come with me on sets to help produce projects that we had undertaken at the time. 

  • By the end of the summer of 2015, I made the decision to step down from that production crew. I wanted to work with people that shared my passion and vision of creating, and Duane Denny was the first person I contacted.

  • Duane has proven to me that he is not only a creative problem solver but a very dedicated individual. 

  • In March of 2016, Anawan Street Productions LLC became an official business. Duane Denny was very instrumental in the process of legitimizing the company. He aided in organizing and completing a lot of the paperwork that had to be submitted to the state. 

  • Prior to Anawan, Duane had lent his extensive business acumen to help build many other companies; we were lucky to have a founder who could bring forth to the table business experience that the other three founders did not possess at the time. 

  • Duane held many responsibilities and duties while with the company. He was Anawan’s Financial Officer. Our bank accounts were managed by, developing a financial infrastructure that was utilized to manage our payroll and other expenses. 

  • On a production level, Duane acted as the company’s main in-house producer. He was the production leader on many of the productions that the company undertook. His responsibilities included making sure the pre-production phase led to smooth and effective production. Keeping contact with the talent and client. Scheduling production days and scouting for locations. 

  • “From concept to completion on budget on time” is the phrase that Denny took pride in. It was a part of his sales pitch to every new client. What the phrase represents is a belief; a belief that you will be there to guide the client every step of the way from when they first come to us to the delivery of the final product. 

  • Duane believes that to maintain a strong professional relationship with clients, you must keep the client aware and involved in all phases of the journey to ensure that the final product is to their exact preference. 

  • Anawan is grateful for the time that he contributed to its growth. He was an integral part of the journey.